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Delhi University Linguistics Club
Club Members


Welcome to Our Club Member's page. Here is a listing of our members, we have not included addresses/Email/Phone Numbers respecting the privacy of our members. However if you want to include it on the web-page apart from the data base we have on yahoo group web-space please let us know about and it'll be displayed it on the web.

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Agnihotri, Ramakant(DU)
Ahmad, Rizwan (YAMEN)
Bagchi, Tista(DU)
Bajpai, Samiksha (CANADA)
Banerjee, Rakhi (DU)
Baraik,Sanjay (DU)
Bhardwaj, Prerna (DU)
Bhatt, Rakesh Mohan(UIUC, USA)
Bhattacharya, Tanmoy (Konstanz, GER)
Buasook,Poirot (Chandigarh IND)
Bulut,Turkay (TURKEY)
Chaudhary, Vrinda (DU)
Chatterjee, Kumkum (DU)
Chotidharmo, Kant (MCU, THAILAND)
Devi, Sarju Th. (DU)
Devi, Hindustani Th. (DU)
Diallo, Ibrahima (GRIFFITH UNIV. AUS)
Gargesh, R. (DU)
George, Sanya (CHENNAI IND)
Hook, Peter Edwin (Michigun USA)
Kak, Aadil Amin (Kashmir Univ. IND)
Kumar, Ajit (Relience Media IND)
Kumar, Pradeep (DU)
Kumar, Rajesh (UIUC USA)
Lyngdoh, S. (NEHU, SHILLONG)
Mahajan, Anoop (UCLA USA)
Mishra, Abhinav (DU)
Munshi, Sadaf (Texas)
Nasir (DU)
Patnaik, Manideepa (Harvard, USA)
Puri, Vandana (DU)
Rai, Jalal (SYRIA)
Ranjan, Rakesh (Emory USA)
Roy, Indranil
Roy, Barnali(DU)
Saxena, Anju (SWEEDEN)
Sengupta, Gautam (CALTS,HYD IND)
Siddiki, Asma (OXFORD, UK)
Sinha, Anjani Kumar(DU)
Sinha, Om Prakash (DU)
Subbarao, K.V. (DU)
Sumana (DU)
Sunita (DU)
Temsen, Gracious M. (DU)
Tukdeo,Shivali (UIUC, USA)
Thakur, Anil (DU)
Thakur, vijay (UIUC, USA)
Verma, Mukul (OXFORD UK)
Walia, Dimple (NIIT Delhi IND)


*Some Members Don't Want to be displayed on Web and hence this is a partial list. Also Respecting member's Privacy we have avoided giving email and phone numbers. If you want it to be on the web please email us.


Member's Post

This space is devoted to email contributions we keep receiving from our members. If you have something interesting which you think the group members might be interested in let us know by email. Your contribution will be posted on this space after review.

My Experiences of SALA XXI

Sadaf Munshi
University of Texas
Austin, USA

Hello all of you!

It gives me great pleasure to share my experience at
The South Asian Language Analysis Roundtable (SALA)-XXI.

The SALA-XXI was held at the University of Konstanz, Germany from October 7-10, 2001 and many well-known linguists and scholars attended the conference. It was a great experience of learning, sharing and propagating the different aspects of linguistic knowledge enriched with the cordial atmosphere (which all the participants really cherished) that greeted all of us from the very first day of the conference for which I feel grateful to the SALAXXI Program Committee, especially Aditi Lahiri, Miriam Butt, Hani Babu, and their associates. The conference, truly speaking, has provided me( and of course many others) with a new insight into the field of linguistics and rejuvenated my interest as well as an inspiration towards working with a fresh outlook. Various informal discussions outside the formal conference scenario also provided rich information about different perspectives and aspects of the linguistic science and the working of Language.


I should also admit the nervousness that I entered the scenario with as well as the confidence that I developed during the course of it which has really helped me try build a new foundation towards continuing working in an area probably not receiving enough focus and attention in the present era of linguistic science and philosophy. And let me also admit the fact that the event has been a source of new hopes for many of us, especially those that are the entering lot.

Among some of the beginning, or I should rather say, the so-called "budding" linguists(the DU Linguists would perhaps feel familiar to this very popular term), were two of us - Vijay Thakur (presently in Univ. of Illinois) and I as the ex-Delhi University students( I have not yet learned to see myself as part of the other University).

It was a gathering of many well-known scholars of great linguistic expertise in different areas of the discipline . Some of the very familiar scholars were Miriam Butt(University of Konstanz), Probal Dasgupta(Univ. of Hyderabad), Alice Davison(University of Iowa), Hans Henrick Hock (University of Illinois), K.A. Jayseelan (CIEFL, Hyderabad), LV Kokhlova(Moscow State University),Aditi Lahiri(University of Konstanz), Gautam Sengupta (University of Hyderabad), rajendra Singh(University of Montreal), KV Subbarao(University of Delhi), MK Verma(University of York), Boris Zakharyin<Moscow State University), and many others.

The conference helped us get to know various different fields of research being done in the field of linguistics in different parts of the world. Of course, much needs to be explored and much is still there to be known about Language and how it works, about how it is influenced by various factors, about how languages change and influence each other, and so on. Such occasions are a real source of learning and sharing the different aspects of an area and introducing us to the emerging problems and their solutions.

Truly speaking, it really was cherishable experience for all of us. My special thanks goes to all the program committee of the SALA01.

With regards
Sadaf Munshi
Delhi University Linguistics Club


Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.