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Delhi University Linguistics Club
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I Just hit this site by chance but it was very nice to see something about a small department of university of delhi. I tried several times checking Delhi University website for some information about admission procedure but the page loaded so slow and I got bored thank God this site helped me finally. I wish the club members all the best.

Apurb Das
Cape Town SA

Its Wonderful and Exciting to See any web-endevour by any Linguistic scholars community from India. So far I had just seen the presence of CIIL, Mysore and CIEFL Hyderabad's web presence as an institution. I wish a long life all the best to this community.

Makrand Paranjpe
Moscow, Russia

Great work! Thank you for putting up this wonderful nostalgic)website and starting the club. I just happened to surf the web and found it. Couldn''t find any info. about the department through the DU website, there was
no link from the Univ. home page. It would help to have a link from there (but it may not be in your control I guess). Whatever, it is a great way to get the alumni together.Please convey my hello to Shashi Nigam (I wonder if she is the same Shashi who worked with Madhu in the early 80s, Hello to Dr. Subbarao and of course ''special'' hello to Dr. Gargesh. This is so wonderful. Keep up the excellent work you guys are doing with this website.

Abha Gupta
Virginia, USA

Please accept my greetings. I was surfing the net and came across this site. I'm interested in the issues relating to language and linguistics and I have benifitted a lot from the scholarly discussions of this group. I wish this community grows every day.

Tasleema kuraishi
SP Mukherjee College
Jamshedpur India

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