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Delhi University Linguistics Club
The Department

Department of Linguistics


Prof. R. Gargesh (Head), Ph.D. (Delhi). Morphology, Stylistics, Language Teaching, Translation Studies, Generative Phonology,  Sociolinguistics

Prof. R.K. Agnihotri  

 Ph.D. (York), Sociolinguistics, Research Methodology, Language Teaching, Morphology, Indian English

Prof. K.V. Subbarao  

 Ph.D. (Illinois), Syntax, Semantics, Linguistic Typology, South Asian Comparative Syntax

Prof. R.C. Sharma       

Ph.D.(Pune),Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Phonetics and Phonology

Dr. Tista Bagchi            

Ph.D. (Chicago), Syntax, Semantics, Historical Linguistics, Morphology, Field Methods

 Dr. Shobha Satyanath

Ph.D. (Pensylvania), Sociolinguistics, Pragmatics, Language Teaching and Morphology

Pradeep Kumar

Syntax, Sociolinguistics


Prof. Prem Singh,          Ph.D. (Cornell)
Prof. Anjani Kumar Sinha,  Ph.D. (Chicago)
P.R. Soni, (Admin. Secretary)
K.S.B. Sinha, (Technical Officer)
R.K. Rohatagi (Lab Assistant)
Shashi Kala Nigam (Lab.Asst.)
Chandan (Laboratory Assistant)
Jaswant (Office  Assistant)
Birendar Jha (Office  Assistant)
The department has a well-equipped phonetics which was established more than 30 years ago for research in phonetics and phonology. Recently the department has bought a few computer where research students can avail the computer facilities for the research purposes.
As most of the Delhi University departments, department of linguistics also has a three tier library system. Students can avail facility for reading and checking out the books from Central Library, Arts Library and the Departmental Library. The department also has established a special reading air-conditioned study room  for students of the department. The reading room has collections of recent and most used reference materials. Research scholar can check out the material for 2 hours on weekdays surrendering their University Identity Card.

Department of Linguistics
Arts Faculty Extension Building, University of Delhi, DELHI 110 007 India.
Phone: 91-11-7666390 / 7666676, Fax: 91-11-7666390, Email:



The department of linguistics at University of Delhi is one of the most acclaimed center of learning and teaching in the field of linguistics in the country. With more then five decades of its history this small department has a great reputation for its widely-acclaimed faculty members and excellent research standards. Initially housed at Lucknow Road in a small bungalow, the department moved to its present building at Arts faculty extension building in 1973. Professor Ravindra Nath Srivastava, a well-known sociolinguist gave the department a new academic life through his endeavors. The department presently has eight faculty members and it is known both for its strength in theoretical as well as applied linguistics. This is one of the very active and lively department; and students from various neighboring especially Bangladesh, Srilanka, Thailand and Middle Eastern nations of Syria, Jordan, Yemen etc., join the department every year. The department conducts field-tours for the students of department every year to collect data on different languages. The department has collected a good data-base through student field trips on tribal languages of northeastern India. 


Admission and Courses Available:

The Department of Linguistics University of Delhi offers a wide range of courses at the university education level after the bachelor degree. Here is a brief description of the main courses offered by the department. Though we have taken utmost care to provide most up to date information available to us, we suggest the admission seekers to get in touch with the department to verify the information mentioned below and check the updates.

Doctors of Philosophy in Linguistics

The department offers a doctoral research program to earn a doctorate in linguistics under the supervision of a faculty member in almost all the major fields of linguistics. The candidate must have a degree of M.Phil in Linguistics or a comparable degree with 55% or more marks from University of Delhi or any other Indian/Foreign University to apply for the candidature. He/She should submit a research proposal to the Head of the department mentioning the research topic, a brief survey of the works on the topic and a plan/frame-work layout how the research will be pursued. Upon approval of the doctoral committee he/shell be assigned an advisor to work with who will supervise the candidates progress of work periodically. Fore more details please the applicant should contact with the department.


Masters of Philosophy in Linguistics

  M.Phil is the one-year pre-doctoral research program in the department. In order to enroll in this program the candidate must have a masters degree in linguistics from the department or other universities* (*subject to approval after the comparison of course curriculum) with 55% or higher marks. The candidates are selected after an interview with the research committee. The course proceeds in two stages: (a) The first half of the course is spent in the form of class-room instruction acquainting them with three major areas (i) Current Trends in Linguistics (ii) Indian Grammatical Tradition (iii) Research Methodology. At the end of the first half candidates have to qualify for the second stage passing a written exam. (b) The second half of the course is a research work on a topic of candidates interest under the supervision of a faculty member. The cumulative grades earned in both the parts rewards the candidate with a degree of M.Phil in Linguistics.


Masters of Arts in Linguistics

To enroll in the MA program of the department the candidate must have a bachelors degree in Arts/Science/Commerce (various conditions apply) with 50% or more marks. The selection procedure is based on the cumulative points earned on the basis of a written test, interview and the past academic achievements. The masters program is of two academic sessions as per Delhi University academic-calendar. In the first academic year there are four obligatory course (i) Introductory Linguistics (ii) Introductory Phonetics & Phonology (iii) Language Teaching (iv) Introductory Transformational Syntax. The candidates have to pass a written exam at the end of the academic year to be eligible to enroll in second year. The second year again has four courses (i) Field Methods (ii) Historical Linguistics as obligatory courses and two courses of their choice among (i) Advanced Syntax (ii) Generative Phonology (iii) Linguistic Typology (iv) Psycholinguistics (v) Sociolinguistics (vi) Stylistics (vi) Translation Studies (vii) Semantics (viii) Morphology

OTHER COURSES               

Diploma in Linguistics

Advance Diploma in Linguistics

Basic and Intermediate Hindi Classes for foreign students
 Advance and Intensive Hindi Classes for foreign students


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