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Delhi University Linguistics Club
News Letter


Delhi University Linguistics Club News Letter




South Asian Language Analysis Round Table is Slated in June 22 at University of Iowa. Hurry Send your abstracts.


If you want to let us know about anything, which you think should be included in next and subsequent newsletter send a mail to any of the DULC moderators.


January-February 2002


Research Scholars in the department are gearing up for heading to Central Institute of Indian Languages Mysore. Nice sneak out in the beginning of the new academic session. The team to Mysore is lead by new energetic faculty Dr. Satyanath and Pradeep Kumar. Top notch students Omprakash, Savitakiran, Hamid, Hindustani, Birendra, Kamal, Sarah and others will represent the university and present their ongoing research in the department. We wish all the paper readers Good Luck. 


Continuing the previous few years research in the field of inter-disciplinary areas, the department is having a month long workshop on Language, Cognition and Brain in February. The workshop will feature regular lectures as well as practicum for the students and participants from various universities in India. Faculty from University of Delhi, University of California and University of Potsdam  are actively involved in this program. If you are in Delhi, don't miss this event. For a very nominal fee any student or faculty from any Indian University can have a very rich experience.  

   Dear Friends:

Welcome to the first ever newsletter of DULC. We will keep this letter short and precise. As most of us know, starting with a mere six members we have today 71 members from around the world. The club has expanded itself in all its dimensions, to name a few are  intellectual discussions, counseling etc. We invite you all to participate actively in the forum and extend the club help in your areas of expertise. We need volunteers for a permanent post of newsletter editor. 

We also appealed in our last posting for moderators, we are still waiting for students to volunteer. Senior students please help the new students in answering their queries.

With this note we end this letter.